Disco e Progresso - Bright side

by Da Cruz

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DA CRUZ – „Disco e Progresso“ (worldwide release: 11th April 2014, Boom Jah Records / Broken Silence)

Whether you call it Tropical New Wave or Urban Brazilian Disco – it's definitely some some brand new rhythms Da Cruz from Bern, Switzerland, are coming up with on their 4th release „Disco e Progresso“.

Nobody will want to miss Brazil in 2014! The same goes for Da Cruz. In April 2014 they will release two new albums. One "bright", one "dark". "This is the only way to adequately reflect what is going on in Brazil at the moment”, says Mariana Da Cruz, the charismatic singer of the Band. "On one Album you will find the easy-going side of Brazil, on the other you will find the soundtrack to a riot.“

Considering their confidence in pushing musical boundaries forward you'd probably locate Da Cruz anywhere close to M.I.A. or Skip & Die. On „Disco e Progresso“ this four-piece band miraculously succeeds in creating some highly contemporary yet classical, deeply urban and open-minded fusion of styles. Never pretentious and always challenging to your everyday routine of listening habits, „Disco e Progresso“ somehow manages to touch your heart and move your hips at the same time.

It's no surprise to hear that Da Cruz has recently played the greatest venues and festivals between London and São Paulo, Paris and Berlin.

So for everyone already familiar with Da Cruz: listen up! "Disco e Progresso“ is the most colorful and energetic record to be released by this group. More than ever, Da Cruz blends Elements of 70s-Disco-Funk, Dancehall, Kuduro, New Wave, Breakbeat, Samba and Indie-Rock with state of the art electronic music. "Comfy Bossa-Nova must wait“, says Mariana Da Cruz.

Most songs revolve around Brazil, a country stuck between revolution and party, between light-heartedness and upswing, as Mariana Da Cruz says. "As long as I can remember big promises have been made about Brazil's rise to economical stability and power, but nothing ever happened.“ Mariana moved to Switzerland nine years ago, yet still cares a lot about her people. "I belong to a disenchanted generation, and it is so good to see that my folks seemed to have finally woken up from their apathy.“

Da Cruz's story is that of one of two musicians with highly different temperaments. Working in Brazil and Portugal in 2005 as a Bossa-Nova singer Da Cruz accidentally ran into Ane H., former singer and musical mastermind of Swiss Industrial-Electro-Pioneers Swamp Terrorists. “While Elis Regina and Ed Motta were major influences”, she says, “We both wanted to create something new without giving up all our past. Da Cruz is the result of this effort.”

Ane H. was introduced to the sound of the legendary Jorge Ben Jor early in life, though he was more influenced by Industrial, Electronica and Jazz, banging his head to Suicide and getting his groove on to Fela Kuti. The producer recorded Mariana in his mobile studio; she layered his tough beats with sensual but sharp vocals, more Zuco 103 than Bebel Gilberto. Mariana is better described as frenetic rather than relaxed.

Mariana Da Cruz is not a child of the Brazilian bourgeoisie, nor a Tropicalista hipster child. The sixth daughter of a cook and a cotton picker she grew up in modest circumstances in the outskirts of São Paulo. There was no money for music lessons or for a record collection, "but there was a lot of singing in our family," says Mariana Da Cruz. "My mother was a passionate radio listener and a gifted singer. All my knowledge of Brazilian music comes from her and from an old crackling radio in our kitchen in Paranapanema.” At 17, she left the province and worked as a teacher and a singer in the city of Campinas. "But at some point I was tired of being the Bossa Nova jukebox. I love all the old songs, but I don’t like to look back."

After moving to Switzerland, renowned guitarist Oliver Husmann and Swamp-Terrorists drummer Pit Lee joined the band. So far Da Cruz has released three records gaining wide attention not only in Europe but also in the USA, where in 2007 their debut album „Nova Estaçâo“ hit the CMJ-Charts. „Corpo Elétrico“ (2008) was recorded in Bern and São Paulo and licensed to 33 countries, and the last album, the furious „Sistema Subversiva“ was released by the US-label Six Degrees Records (The Do, CèU, Bebel Gilberto, The Orb), the most popular record so far.

After the release in April there are some promising shows to come (major festivals between Canada and Europe). The first single “Bola da Discoteca” will be released in march and is supported by a video clip of New York director Jason Brandenberg. Da Cruz is well known for a rousing live show, supported by top horn players (like Marc Stucki, Nik Hürny). More to come.

Watch out for news on : www.dacruzmusic.com


released April 11, 2014


all rights reserved



Da Cruz Berne, Switzerland

The world tells…:
„Some of the most upbeat music I’ve ever heard“ (Okayplayer/Questlove USA)

„Tropical New Wave“ (BBC 6 Music)

„This music is wet and heavy, dark and sparkling, sensual and gloomy“ (Les Inrocks, France)

„Sub Urban Brazilian Music“ (KEXP, USA)

„I could not stop moving and grooving to this record“ (Nanobot Rock Reviews, USA)

„What more could you want“ (The Independent, UK)
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